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Customer Testimonials

Healthy Body Day Spa Massage at Manchester, MO opened its door to serve our clients since March, 2014.  We have served hundreds of happy customers.  Following is just a short list of testimonials body massagefrom our clients. If you have any comments or concerns about our massage service, please contact us. We like to hear from you.

Great massage place in St.Louis! Really nice and clean room. Wonderful experience of having Day Lily package! One hour body massage+ one hour foot massage. I feel so relaxed after having massage here. Highly recommend to my friends.  -4/10/2014 Anna, W

Went there yesterday and had a wonderful experience. the front desk lady was very friendly and asked me if I had a groupon or living social... then I filled out the paper work and enjoyed great massage experience!!! so relaxing and inside was so nice and luxury rooms!! very professional and very good service!! I will def go back again!! -6/12/2014 Amy, S

I love this place!!  At times I can see how it can be stressful because the massage therapists dont speak much english...but they are still very sweet.  The massages are heavenly. They really seem to know their pressure points.  The one thing that is odd is the foot massage room, there can be up to 3 other people getting massages so you can easily get pulled out of your relax trance. But I found it not to bad to block it out...take some headphones and listen to Enya on pandora or something.  The full body massage rooms are private, cozy and quiet. They really seem to get into deep tissue. The prices arent bad at all! The 4 stars is becase of those few issues I mentioned above. If your not a patient person I can see how it can be odd with minimal instructions or the fact you are getting a foot massage next to total strangers, then again if you get pedicures whats the difference except quieter and waaay better. If you live around Manchester in west county I highly recommend giving this place a shot for a great massage. Who goes for conversation anyway?  -10/08/2014  Gary, L  

Great place! This is a new place I tried and the lady here was great. I think the atmosphere was so soothing and comfortable. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great relaxing experience. Thanks!   -1/12/2015  Anne, C

A wonderful new massage store. I have had two massages there. The first an American gal and the second a Chinese girl. Both were wonderful and I will be going back. The place has such a nice Asian decor and soothing music it was just great.   -1/24/2015  Roger, L